For more than 10 years Trent has contributed to a range of websites on the internet as well as developing his own. From launching early Nintendo DS fan site creations to his most successful project Another Code Labs which contained content on the CiNG titles released on Nintendo platforms at the time. He has contributed to Nintendo-X2 over a number of years providing reviews, news and editorials for the website as well as guest posts on other community websites for example WP Downunder. In recent years he has been working on separating his more personal editorials and ideas from his passion of video games, creating concepts for websites which would fit these needs with the current working project been Seeds of Games. In the second half of 2014 instead of continuing with Seeds of Games, Trent has started writing for Digitally Downloaded.

Founded by Boon Cotter at the end of 2012 as a way to communicate with fans attending his Game Design Workshops held in Tamworth. It has since been taken over by Trent Petronaitis to continue giving local residents to Tamworth information on Game Design as well as to keep the community alive and interested in Game Design.